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Videography and Editing rates

 As a Videographer, Editor, Photographer and a Visual Storyteller I have worked with many different tools from Ikegami broadcast to DSLR video and stills but each one had the same intended purpose, to tell a story. That story can be a :10 or :30 second promotion for a client, a news package relaying the human drama lived out each day, or a documentary to remember specific events from the past nearly forgotten to time. Those stories can be played out on film video or MPEG, they can be carried on satellite or via FTP, edited with Photoshop, Final Cut, Avid or Premiere. I've worked with them all but one thing remains constant - a good story is a good story no matter what. Life playing out in front of a live news lens or characters being carved out in motion and sound, each takes special attention to details and some honed experience to know when 'that's it' and you've got that special element that brings it all together. For over 20 years I have been living those experiences throughout the world, and honing that eye and ear for detail. I cultivated those dynamic elements of sight and sound through real life experiences ranging from news, investigative journalism, live EFP broadcast TV & studio or field production, and long format documentaries. I can take a blank page and craft a voice on paper then translate paper to video and carve out a character through motion and audio. I believe I have the skills you desire and would enjoy crafting stories for you.
Videography Day Rate with Sony HVR-Z7u (10-12hrs) at $350.00, 1/2day (4-5 hrs) $200.00
Day Rate with a camera supplied by you $250.00, 1/2day (4-5hrs) $125.00 rental rates will be added to daily rate if needed Editing Basic Edit - $30.00 hr - editing video "as-is" with minimal correction of exposure and color.
Advanced Edit - $45.00 - all available editing options can be done on site or on in home studio.
ingest/file transfer - acquisition time of raw materials for editing $10.00 hr. * Registered Non-Profit organizations and charities may receive a discounted rate. Final materials may be provided in any format you request but may incur an additional fee depending on rental needs.
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